Monday, March 28, 2016

Welcome Y'all!

Since moving to a small town all I have wanted is to have a garden to grow all the veggies that I could possibly imagine. We were originally going to section off a part of the backyard and make it the garden, but to be honest it was going to take up pretty much everything that the pool wasn't and with two dogs we knew that it would be a pretty tough task to have both.

Then just a couple of weeks ago we were blessed to find a few lots close to our house that is no going to be our garden/chicken coop! I am beyond excited to finally have the little farm of my dreams!! I am planning on selling my veggies and fresh eggs in town on the weekends and maybe even try to sell at a farmer's market in a nearby town. Whoop whoop! 

So naturally I have to blog about all my farmin' fun that goes on and to formally introduce.....

The Little Farm on First